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Moda Domani Reviews

Reviving the Art

Passion is not talent and enthusiasm cannot replace knowledge. His product is absolutely fantastic, so far beyond his competition that there is simply no comparison. The art of the tailor is a dying art, and almost no one in the up and coming generation truly understands it. Anthonio is the exception. Kansas City has a world-class tailor, and you can find him here. Anthonio is patient, kind, and completely focused on his client’s experience. You won’t regret a few minutes to pay a visit to his little shop.

-Joe Bearden

Fit to Perfection

Anthonio Fakeri is a true artist. The suit he made me for my wedding is a masterpiece worth every penny. It fits to perfection, and is the finest thing in my closet. I honestly wish I could wear it everyday. It fits like an extension of my body, I’ve never owned a suit that fit so well and so comfortably. I’m forever grateful Anthonio for his guidance during the process, he continues to be as caring well after the suit has left his store. Fantastic clothing, from a fantastic man.

-Bryan Morgan

Attention to Detail

My experience with Anthonio was remarkable. I had him make my wedding tuxedo and I could not have been more pleased. He takes incredible care to make sure that everything is exactly how you want it. His customer service and attention to detail are phenomenal. I look forward to having a perfectly fitting tux for years to come

– Matthew Connolly

Personal Service

The best personal service I have ever received from someone selling me a product.  In a short period of time, Anthonio went from being a person whom I viewed as a clothing retailer, to a trusted friend who I felt was looking out for my best interest.  Anthonio will be very honest with you about your current clothing, and provide advice that will make you look and feel better.

– Peter Shriver

Senior Vice President
Intrust Bank


Anthonio, a master tailor and proprietor of  MODA DOMANI, definitely ranks the best above other clothiers.  As I transitioned from a military career to the civilian job market Anthonio was pivotal in assisting me fill my wardrobe needs. Anthonio provides outstanding wardrobe expertise, a superior quality in his MODA DOMANI line, as well as other excellent casual to formal attire too. Impeccable service, responsive, and insightful, Anthonio listens well, understands, and is not afraid to speak his mind. If needed, he will sit down and go over his clothing checklist with you, develop a wardrobe plan to meet your needs, and then show you solutions that work well. I rely on Anthonio and his wardrobe recommendations without question and highly recommend this custom clothier and MODA DOMANI for the place to shop.

– Jay D. Wells
Colonel (Ret)
U.S. Army


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